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Super Saturdays/Sundays are groups developed for vulnerable pre-teens or tweens (8-12 year olds) and/or youth (12-14 year olds) living in homes that are dealing with mental illness and/or addiction issues. In the Richmond model, the groups have followed up from the Resilient Kids groups thus keeping peers together and ensuring these children continue to maintain the relationship and friendships that began in Building Resilience Kids Groups. This is a day that all family members look forward to and for many of the parents this is their only break or respite from the daily rigors of family and work life.

Super Saturdays/Sundays is based on the existing Super Saturday model developed by CMHA Vancouver Burnaby Branch. This program operates monthly on a Saturday and Sunday each month and for youth on a Friday night. Lunch and healthy snacks are provided for the children who attend the day outings and for youth dinner is provided. The focus is on activities taking place within the family’s community. Outings take place in indoor space as needed for low-key days such as for crafts, baking and indoor games. The majority of the activities are based in the community and include playing and learning from interactive games, swimming, arts and crafts, and board games. Community outings such as go-karting, laser tag, bowling and berry picking are also included. External activities are spread throughout the year to ensure the group has events to look forward to that are special days e.g. Playland or snowboarding.

The group facilitators are trained Recreation Therapists, counsellors or childcare workers experienced in working with families whose life have been impacted by Mental Health or substance use. The Therapists are experienced and are comfortable with the issues children deal with such as: isolation and feeling disconnected to the larger community; mistrust of adults; lacking communication and emotional literacy skills; emotional self-regulation and social skills. The Super Saturday/Sundays promote a safe place to share feelings, connect socially, while providing a place where they can feel their emotions and deal with the stigma that families often face when impacted by mental health or addiction issues.

For more information, please contact:
Natalie Talson
Team Leader – Child & Youth Services
Canadian Mental Health Association

Parent Testimonials from Super Sunday / Saturday

“Super Saturday means so much to our family, for me to have the time to be on my own, to meditate, and for the kids to do things we simply can’t afford. I appreciate so much that someone can do that for them.”

 “I like that my child realizes that she is not the only one feeling this way or in these situations. The group outlet doesn’t single her out.”

“Super Sunday provides belonging for my children.”

“At Super Saturday my child meets with kids his own age from similar families. The staff are supportive, and with supporting families have been a major blessing to our family. Thanks!”

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