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What:  Super Days are one-time fun, social events developed for pre-teens and teens affected by parental mental illness and addictions.

When:  These events are usually on weekend evenings (Friday) and days (Saturday; Sunday.)  The exact times vary depending on what the event it.  Transportation to/from home and food is provided for free.

Where:  Super Days events happen in various locations, depending on the activity.  Past Super Days have included crafts, baking, indoor games, swimming, laser tag, berry picking, go-karting, etc.

Who:  Super Days events in Richmond are usually for kids, younger youth and older youth who have completed one cycle of the Supporting Families Affected by Parental Mental Illness and Addictions Resilient Groups.

Super Days events are run in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association by trained Recreational Therapists.

Why:  These events offer opportunities to learn new information and build new skills for kids and youth living in families affected by parental mental illness and addictions.  They also offer parents time to rest, attend appointments, etc, while the kids/youth are off having fun!

In Richmond, Super Days events are open to clients of the Supporting Families Affected by Parental Mental Illness and Addictions:

  • Ages 8 to 18 years old
  • Affected by parental mental illness or substance use
  • Living or going to school in Richmond
  • Whose family member has decided in partnership with the Supporting Families Clinical Lead that the group would be beneficial for the youth

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    Parent Testimonials from Super Sunday / Saturday

    “Super Saturday means so much to our family, for me to have the time to be on my own, to meditate, and for the kids to do things we simply can’t afford. I appreciate so much that someone can do that for them.”

    “I like that my child realizes that she is not the only one feeling this way or in these situations. The group outlet doesn’t single her out.”

    “Super Sunday provides belonging for my children.”

    “At Super Saturday my child meets with kids his own age from similar families. The staff are supportive, and with supporting families have been a major blessing to our family. Thanks!”