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We are thankful for the effort and commitment that Noele Bird made to our community and our families. She will be missed.  We wish her good luck on Saturna Island and look forward to staying in touch when she is back in Richmond!

We are still accepting intakes – please call 604.782.1306.

Who we are

We aim to ensure that youth and their families have easy access to services.


The community has told us that group activities that allow us to have fun and learn together, also helps best ensure the well-being of families dealing with mental health issues and substance use/misuse. Children and youth participating in these programs connect with others with whom they likely share similar experiences with.

Our programs are supported by dedicated and committed staff that are experienced in the mental health and addictions field. We have heard from the children and their families that maintaining relationships and feeling a sense of belonging to a community is very difficult when living with a mental illness within the family. Our services allow for the space and time that children need in order to be able to trust and learn from other adults. We intend to walk along side children and their families, nurturing helpful and meaningful relationships, and creating natural learning opportunities for all those involved.

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