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The Resilient Kids Group is a 10-week group for 8-11 year olds that takes place 3 times a year at the Caring Place in Richmond. The groups are co-facilitated with leaders from various community organizations. The focus of the group is to help children build resiliency skills which include: identifying and managing feelings (enhance emotional literacy); coping with negative feelings (practicing skills such as asking for help); developing friendships, social skills and having fun with other kids with similar experiences. Snacks are provided and if the family needs help with transportation or bus tickets these can be provided.

A 6-week group for parents runs at the same time as the Resilient Kids Group. The focus of the parents group is decided by the parents and can include emotional support, parenting skills, developing skills to increase your child’s resiliency and support from the other parents and group facilitators. The parental component of the Resilient Kids Group can help parents get support, to think about what it means to parent and to understand how stress and anxiety can impact your life.
All referrals are accepted if the parent feels mental illness or substance use from a family member is impacting their parenting or their family’s health and well being. If there are concerns as to the child’s group readiness, alternatives will be discussed, we want all children to be successful, which may mean that individual support may be the best choice for some children who are not group ready.

The Resilient Kids Group will run every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:00pm starting April 11th, 2017 at Richmond Caring Place (7000 Minoru Blvd, Richmond).

We are accepting referrals for the Winter 2017 Session for the Resilient Kids Group.

Please call Noele @ 604-782-1306 to register and setup an intake meeting.

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