‘in the know’ – Parenting & ADHD

presented Kathleen Rea, RN, BA, M.C.Psych, RCC.

200 – 6100 Bowling Green Road, Richmond

Kathleen Rea, RN, BA, M.C.Psych, RCC. has 8 years experience working at the Provincial ADHD clinic at Children’s hospital, as well as a generalized and ADHD lifespan counsellor in private practice. At the clinic, Kathleen has implemented and developed the 8 week positive parent support program, the 1 day ADHD workshop, and the education program for teachers and community. Kathleen also has diverse counselling experience in bereavement, loss, drug and alcohol, and mental health challenges. Kathleen’s focus has been to support families, youth and adults experiencing mental health problems to cope, flourish and empower their potential.

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